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Ottoman Coco Silk Bag

$ 148.00
Limited Edition Ikat Coco Bags - This handcrafted Ikat Coco bag is made in multiple colors from silk Ikat velvet, a traditional fabric handwoven with a lot of care in small villages in Uzbekistan. It has a small pocket and a zip inside for cash and other knick-knacks. The chain is special for you, you can use as crossbody bag, handheld bag and shoulder bag. It's a great bag for your everyday requirement. So go stylish. The bag is made using handwoven Ikat which is a traditional textile handwoven in various parts of Uzbekistan. Ikat is a weave famous globally for its geometric patterns and colors. Item Details: * Outer Fabric: Handwoven Silk Velvet Ikat * Care instructions: Dry cleaning only. No Machine washes. Notes: * Colors may be slightly different in reality from those shown on the photos, due to the nature of photographing and device monitor settings. Pattern repeats may also appear slightly different than in the photos.

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